Our Story

The Nina Cheyenne Brand continues a longstanding family tradition of sewing, creating expertly crafted garments that began in the 1960’s in Philadelphia Pa. My mother, Barbara Anne Thomas began sewing and designing her own clothes at a very young age. She self-taught herself how to make patterns from brown paper bags. Growing up she made all my clothes and for my three other siblings. She started her own Apparel company in the 70’s and for many years worked out of her home office in the basement. By the 1990’s she built a very successful business and was a pioneer in her time for women CEO’s. Her designs were featured in many department stores and boutiques. Unfortunately, my mother passed away in 1993 from cancer, which is a disease she battled for several years.

Now, my daughter and I have picked up where my mother left off, and we started the Nina Cheyenne brand. My name is Nina and my daughter’s name is Cheyenne; together we created Nina Cheyenne (Apparel Group). We are a dynamic mother daughter duo embarking on a journey to combine our style and unique talents to re-define the fashion industry by offering uniquely designed quality garments that embrace a bold, sexy, fashionable, and chic lifestyle for the confident curvy woman of all sizes. With my many years of experience as a top retail executive intertwined with my daughter’s youthful fashion outlook and social media marketing expertise we aim to bring you a wide range of options to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Nina Cheyenne was created in response to the difficulty in finding stylish and on-trend clothes that fit our size and curvy shapes. Our mission is to provide fashionable, on-trend, quality clothing that drapes and compliments the curves of women size small to 3x. We pride ourselves in curating an eclectic mix of the latest trends, building on femininity, vintage elegance, a vibrant color palette, and an urban edge to each of our collections. Our brand is ageless and timeless, and it caters to both fashionable mother’s and daughter’s.