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Our brand embodies the concept of natural beauty, where beauty goes beyond mere physical appearance. It's an expression of inner strength, motivation, and empowerment.

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The Leia

Perfect Summer Dress

This outfit is perfect for work in the summer or an going out to dinner. The material is very soft against your skin.

Nicole L.

The Nadia Set


The color and the fabric are beautiful. I love long skirts and this outfit looks delightful on

Tracy P.

Our Story

Nina Cheyenne

The Nina Cheyenne Brand proudly carries on a family legacy of expert garment making that began in 1960s Philadelphia with my mother, Barbara Anne Thomas. With nothing but brown paper bags as her pattern-making materials, she honed her craft and created beautiful garments for her four children. Today, my daughter and I continue her work through the Nina Cheyenne brand, keeping her passion alive with our expertly crafted garments.